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Shedding light on the key issues and challenges of today’s world

Research & strategy are among the Foundation’s top priorities and the Research & Strategy section is one of the four specialist sections created as part of the restructuring of the Foundation’s activities.


Through its research chairs and seminar activities, the College of World Studies adopts an overview approach to the major transformations taking place in our time.


In addition to the College, the section also has three platforms, which are a space for research and for building networks and international partnerships. The platforms also organise calls for proposals with a view to supporting research projects that may qualify for national or international funding programmes.


The first two calls for proposals were organised in 2015 and the process began in early 2016. The section continues to support initiatives and seminars on specific topics, some of which are nearing completion, as well as supporting UNESCO chairs and joint research projects.


With the College of World Studies, the science platforms, the initiatives, chairs and innovative scientific programmes, the Research & Strategy section supports a set of research projects and networks that take an interdisciplinary, overview approach to major present-day challenges.



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